Move from Surviving to Thriving with Nourishing Self-Regulation Practices

Ladies, it's time to move from

surviving TO thriving as you NOURISH your exhausted mind-body-spirit + rewire it for peace!

If you are a female with chronic symptoms (like anxiety, fatigue, depression, pain, illness, headaches, stomach aches, IBS, etc.) then this Nourish Membership is for you!

This membership equips you with mind-body practices, self-regulation skills, + somatic (body based) tools that guide you to respond to emotional stress in new ways + physiologically release stress, tension, + trauma that is stuck in your mind + body.

I can't wait to teach you skills that transformed my own life from barely surviving with ptsd + chronic symptoms (anxiety, depression, fatigue, IBS, pain + stress) to thriving + embodying peace, joy, + confidence!

Join NOURISH to rewire your brain + body AND transform your pain into peace! (OR Try the FREE 3 Day Trial!)

You're not alone. I'm dancing in the mess with you!💃🏻


🪷NOURISH means...🪷

to nurture, support, cherish, comfort, advance, provide what is necessary for life, growth, + good health

Your Transformation with the Nourish Membership...


  • Living with chronic symptoms- overwhelm, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, pain, high blood pressure, digestive issues, sleep struggles, auto immune disorders, chronic illness, pain/tension, headaches, or other chronic symptoms.
  • Stuck in big emotions + they overflow onto the people you love as you get triggered, offended, and upset often
  • Don't have tools to stop the maddening cycle of emotional overwhelm
  • Sick of being in a tug of war within yourself living with shame + guilt
  • Confused + unsure of how to help yourself come back to peace without numbing, hiding, or shutting down
  • Feel out of control + overwhelmed even after doing talk therapy


  • Empowered with tools + resources to use that guide you through messy moments + every emotional experience you face
  • Confidently move through emotions using emotional intelligence skills
  • Turn towards yourself to create safety within + offer self-compassion
  • Body is soft, gentle, + open energetically to receive peace + joy
  • Healthy interactions with others + less negative emotional overflow onto others
  • Able to respond well to your emotions
  • Feel emotionally stable + grounded in both your mind + body

Friend, you are not broken.

You are stuck in survival!

Your survival brain is keeping you trapped in stress living in a state of self-protection (fight, flight, or freeze.)

Join Nourish to learn how to physiologically release the stress, tension, + trauma that is stuck inside both your mind + body!

It's time to meet your pain with compassion + transform that pain into peace!

You are worthy of peace!


as you rewire, regulate, release, reconnect, reclaim, + rest.

Imagine if...

-you had the skills + confidence to guide your mind + body back to a calm state so that the overwhelm didn't overflow onto the people you love

-you knew how to release stored stress + trauma from your mind + body so it didn't stay stuck + cause more guilt + shame

-you trusted yourself to show up + respond well to all emotions instead of automatically repressing or ignoring them

-you felt confident to set healthy boundaries with others + protect your peace

-you felt free to live in a flow state embodying more peace + joy

1:1 client, Amanda, shares her journey of working with Jill. In her words, she says Jill gave her a voice and made her feel seen and heard. She began with 95% of her day struggling with anxiety and within 2 months of working with Jill she was down to an average of 30%. She is finally able to wake up without debilitating anxiety to start her day for the first time in many years, and has the skills to calm her nervous system on her own. She is able to be nicer to the ones she loves, is much lighter, and is less triggered overall. Amanda feels as though the work she has done with Jill is miraculous.

What’s inside the Resource Hub?

This ever growing categorized resource hub includes a variety of

integrative mind-body healing practices (both top down + bottom up)...

Somatic Mind + Body Reconnection

Nervous System Regulation

Soothing Movement




EFT Tapping





Myofasical Release

Vagus Nerve Toning

Mindset + Brain Retraining

Gentle Stretches + Body Releases

Click below for a 1 min sneak peek of the Nourish Healing Hub! ⤵️

What are the Membership Benefits?

*Monthly Somatic Release + Restore Class

Live hands-on somatic (body led) stress release class on Zoom + Q+A to relax into your body, release stress, + restore peace w/integrative healing modalities. Nourish your mind, body, + spirit with somatic healing practices, nervous system regulation, gentle movement, and physical + energetic releases. Replays are stored in the healing hub. See details about the class here. (Value $22/class)

*Monthly Master Class/Workshop

Any workshops or masterclasses offered are included. Includes Q+A. Replays are stored in the healing hub.

(Value $27-37/workshop)

*Nervous System Healing Hub

This growing online resource healing hub is full of integrative mind-body healing practices (more than 100) categorized for easy access by computer and App. Guided video + audio resources will help you to break the cycle of overwhelm, regulate your nervous system, release stored stress, reconnect your mind + body, + reclaim peace. (Value priceless)

*Private Community of Women

We heal when we feel supported by other women. Your nervous system restores balance through co-regulation with people who feel safe (without shame + judgement.) Co-regulate with me + other women who understand the burden of being stuck in fight, flight, or freeze. (Value priceless)

*Somatic Pathway to Peace Courses

2 online self paced courses for quick easy practices to use each day without overthinking! Regulate your nervous system, reconnect with your self, and release stress.

Level 1- 1 somatic practice per day (less than 10 mins)

Level 2- 4 somatic practices per day (takes 20 mins)

(Value $197)

*Weekly Somatic Practices Shared

Each week, somatic practices + resources are shared in Whats App to encourage using the practices and create dialogue about the resources available in the hub!

(Value priceless)

What women are saying about NOURISH...


I definitely like that the membership is well organized and you can easily access the tools you need in the moment. Also, the Pathway to Peace Course is great (especially for beginners!) I know I really needed guided structure to do the work before, and I didn’t have it. It offers many tools and can help keep you on track in between coaching sessions. The membership is a great way to learn on your own in an easy to follow format! Working with Jill makes me feel safe and supported. It feels much easier (and more fun!) to engage in the practices with her than if I had tried to do them on my own. During R+R Classes my state shifts from one of exhaustion and overwhelm to one of peace and gratitude.


The movement through what you do in the somatic release and coaching sessions just fast tracts a lot of healing that you could spend days and years and months working on trying to think your way through it. It really just takes one moment. I felt instant relief after just one 1:1 coaching session. I’m going to pay more attention to the body component and where my emotions are and give it more, not only space, but respect that I had not given it before.

After the R+R class, all these emotions got released later that night, but I’m not afraid of feeling now. It is the best gift that you could possibly give yourself and being able to release your emotions is the next best gift so you can create space for other emotions.


The R+R Class once a month is well worth the price of the Nourish Membership and you get so much more along with that because you get the healing hub. The classes are the highlight of my week and so helpful in teaching me new ways to release trauma or stress I have stored in my body. The Healing Hub has been so helpful to me. There’s a structured program to try out a new exercise every day that will help you with your nervous system. There are short practices for every emotion you're dealing with that you can think of!

What women are saying about the Monthly R+R Class...

👋🏼 Hi there.

I'm Jill-
your hope dealer!

I am an Emotional Health Coach + Somatic (body based) Healing Practitioner who guides women to transform their lives by releasing trauma stored in their body, breaking through survival cycles of anxiety + overwhelm, and retraining their nervous system to gain emotional stability + embody peace!

I integrate somatic self-connection, physiological stress release, parts work/inner child healing, and nervous system (brain + body) regulation into my coaching business.

I'm your cheerleader... guide... empathetic listener... emotional resilience trainer... and life transformational coach to free you from the chaos + stress you feel stuck in!

Why I Created this Membership for You 🫶🏼 ...

Join Nourish + Reclaim a Life of Peace!

NOURISH Membership


*Renews automatically each month


NOURISH Membership



*Renews automatically each year

Frequently Asked Questions

How many tools are in the toolkit?

There are about 100 recorded videos + audios in the toolkit. More tools will be added every month. The goal is for 2-4 tools to be added every month on average, however, more may be added at the beginning.

When do Release + Restore Classes take place each month?

Most take place on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 7pm Eastern. See more info about the R+R Classes here.

Why do I have to book a discovery call for 1:1 coaching?

The discovery call helps to ensure this option is a good fit before paying. This is a casual conversation/interview process that allows you to ask questions + understand the process. Note: Jill only accepts 10 1:1 clients at a time.

How do I know if need 1:1 Coaching?

If you have been through traumatic experiences in the past, feel like you are stuck in loops and patterns you are sick of, feel overwhelmed by big emotions that cause you to go into fight, flight, freeze, and are ready to rewire your brain + body so that emotional healing feels easier, 1:1 coaching is for you! Adding in 1:1 coaching to the healing hub is the powerhouse combo for healing your relationship with yourself and others. It will help you to transform your pain into peace + purpose!

How does payment work? Is it recurring?

Payment is recurring on a monthly basis. It will automatically renew at the end of each month. You must email to cancel and stop your subscription/membership.

How do I cancel the membership?

Message anytime to cancel your membership.

What if I have more questions?

Email to submit your questions.

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