Ladies, if you find yourself chronically stressed you need this 10-Day Somatic Stress Release Course!

Interrupt your stress cycle with ease! Come back to inner peace + emotional stability in less than 10 mins a day!

Hey friend! I know you feel like you don't have a lot of extra time for self-care, so this course offers you a QUICK +EASY way to interrupt that survival stress response of anxiety, fear, overwhelm, exhaustion, and shut down. This 10 day course will soften your body, ease your busy mind, release stress energy, and gently move you towards a peaceful world within yourself. Come experience these restorative practices + safely explore this gentle loving reconnection with your self!

🖤 Jill Marie Howell

Emotional Health Coach, Speaker, + Somatic Trauma Recovery Expert

Somatic (body) practices increase emotional + physical awareness, invite self-regulation, + promote stability through gentle mind-body connection.

This is for you if you are frustrated with...

  • Lashing out at people around you because you don't know how to calm your nervous system
  • Going to bed feeling exhausted + defeated
  • Talking in circles about your stress + overwhelm
  • Feeling unable to rest and be still because of anxious energy trapped inside your mind + body

Peace is possible!

Your overworked mind + body is worthy of ease.

What are the benefits of somatics?

  • Decrease anxiety + depression
  • Lower oxidative stress + stress hormones
  • Decrease body inflammation + blood pressure
  • Retrain your brain + create new neuropathways
  • Release physical + emotional pain
  • Strengthen your relationship with yourself
  • Increase immune support
  • Discover new ways to receive peace + ease
  • Develop nervous system resilience
  • Create safety + confidence within yourself
  • Reconnect your mind + body
  • Break your survival stress cycle

Types of somatic practices included for you to try:

  • Soothing Exercises for Mind-Body Connection
  • Grounding Nervous System Regulation
  • Gentle Physical Stress Releases
  • EFT Tapping Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Vagus Nerve Stimulation
  • Embodiment


Register for this 10 Day Course to Live With More Emotional Stability!

About Jill Marie Howell

Emotional Health Coaching + Somatic Trauma Recovery

Jill is an emotional health coach, speaker, and somatic trauma recovery practitioner who has overcome C-PTSD, chronic pain, IBS, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, + childhood trauma. She guides women to break through the chaos of their survival stress cycle and rewire their nervous systems to embody peace using integrative mind-body healing modalities. She equips women to feel safe + secure within and create a life of peace + joy as they dance in the mess of living as a human in a hurting world!

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