Ladies, I invite you to learn the beautiful art of coming back to a state of peace quickly with this...


*This EFT Tapping Masterclass includes 30 minutes of educational training, an EFT guide, + 7 Guided EFT Tapping Videos!*

Hey ladies! I know you feel like you don't have a lot of extra time as a busy mom, so this is the EASIEST + MOST POWERFUL way to interrupt your survival stress response of anxiety, fear, overwhelm, exhaustion, and shut down. This EFT Tapping Masterclass will soften your body, release stress + tension, and gently move you towards a peaceful state! Learn this skill of using this simple EFT Tapping strategy to help you regulate (balance) your nervous system and move through emotions you experience with greater ease.

🖤 Jill Marie Howell

Emotional Health Coach, Speaker, + Somatic Trauma Recovery Expert

Certified EFT Tapping Practitioner

"EFT tapping has become a powerful tool to help me work through heavy anxiety/stress.

I am able to re-shift to focusing on what sensations I am feeling and speak truth to myself instead of listening to the inner critic.

It helps me feel peace when things felt really messy. It has become a go to tool in my tool box!"

-Amanda, 1:1 coaching client

Tapping Points Used in EFT Tapping...

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) combines tapping on acupressure meredian points with cognitive processing to relieve your psychological + physical disstress, interrupt your stress cycle, and guide you through emotions with ease!

You tap to free yourself from the burden + distress of trapped energy, emotion, and trauma stuck in your brain + body! You tap to breathe deeper... to release what feels heavy... to remove blocks... to accept yourself as you are... to restore inner make peace with your pain!!

This EFT Tapping masterclass is for you if you are tired of...

  • Lashing out at your hubby + kids because you feel big emotions + don't know what to do with them
  • Going to bed feeling exhausted + frustrated with yourself
  • Talking in circles about your stress + overwhelm
  • Struggling with anxiety, depression, overwhelm, fatigue or other chronic symptoms

Peace is possible!

Guide your body + brain back to ease with this easy emotional regulation tool!

What are the benefits of EFT Tapping?

  • Decrease anxiety + depression
  • Lower oxidative stress + stress hormones
  • Decrease body inflammation + blood pressure
  • Retrain your brain + create new neuropathways
  • Release physical + emotional pain
  • Strengthen your relationship with yourself
  • Increase immune support
  • Discover new ways to receive peace + ease
  • Develop nervous system resilience
  • Create safety + confidence within yourself
  • Reconnect your mind + body
  • Break your survival stress cycle

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About Jill Marie Howell

Emotional Health Coaching + Somatic Trauma Recovery

Jill is an emotional health coach, speaker, and somatic trauma recovery practitioner who has overcome C-PTSD, chronic pain, IBS, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, + childhood trauma. She helps women heal the relationship they have with themselves and break the cycle of chronic symptoms, overwhelm, anxiety, and depression. Jill equips women to guide themselves through every emotional experience they face and live steady and embody peace, joy, + confidence through integrative mind-body healing modalities.

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