Ladies, join me for 3 FREE coaching sessions that will equip you with hands-on emotional regulation skills + self-care practices that guide you to reclaim your power + peace from stress + overwhelm!!

Take your power back as you reclaim that you are worthy of peace, love, + joy!

May 13-15 at 11am EST

✨This 3 Day Mind-Body Refresh Includes:

➡️ 30 Minute Mind-Body Refresh Every Day on Zoom

➡️ Pop-up Facebook Group (replays available until Sat. May 18th)

➡️ Hands-on Emotional Regulation + Inner Healing Self-Care Practices

➡️ Workbook

*VIP Upgrade Available for $27 after Registration! (see info below)

The most effective way to reclaim your peace is by learning to self-regulate through stressful moments + nourish your overwhelmed nervous system with love, compassion, + gentleness!

A woman who is at peace within herself is POWERFUL!

She honors her needs + confidently knows how to coach herself through every emotional experience!

Hey love! Sometimes life can feel messy + hard. Your body holds it all...and it needs your help to move through the messy moments with more ease. Taking your power back requires you to learn NEW skills that create safety for your body to relax, ease your busy mind, release traumatic stress, and gently move you towards a peaceful world within yourself. Come experience these restorative practices + explore this gentle loving reconnection with your self!

🖤 Jill Howell

Hope Dealer

Emotional Healing Coach + Speaker

Somatic Practitioner

Your overwhelmed mind, body, + spirit is worthy of a refresh!

Let's rewire your brain + body for peace + take your power back!

This is for you if you are...

  • Struggling because you don't know how to calm your nervous system (brain + body)
  • Stuck in the dance of fight, flight, or freeze
  • Feeling exhausted + frustrated
  • Constantly stressed + overwhelmed
  • Struggling with anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain/tension, or other chronic symptoms

Goals for this 3 Day Mind-Body Refresh:

1. Practice reclaiming your power + reconnecting to peace through simple emotional regulation + release practices.

2. Experience how easy it is to change your nervous system state + rewire your brain + body for peace.

3. Embody more inner peace + stability as you integrate these 5 key pillars into your life...

Themes for Each Day

Day 1 on May 13: Reconnect + Regulate (Coaching yourself thru messy moments)

Day 2 on May 14: Release + Rewire (Releasing + moving what is stuck within)

Day 3 on May 15: Reclaim (Coaching yourself towards peace + joy)

Event Schedule:

What does the VIP upgrade include for $27?

➡️ More Hands-on Practices for your Emotional Regulation Toolbox

➡️ BONUS 30 Min. Coaching + Extra Emotional Regulation Practices PLUS Q+A Sessions following each REFRESH session

➡️ BONUS 60 Min. Somatic Release + Restore Class with Q+A on Tuesday, May 14th at 7pm Eastern

➡️ Lifetime recordings of the 3 Day Challenge + Bonus Classes/Sessions totalling over 4 hours worth of coaching

*You can opt into VIP after registering for the event!!

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