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If you sense you are in need of deeper embodied healing, self-discovery, inner healing work, + personalized somatic mind-body recovery...

check out the option for weekly 1:1 coaching calls.

➡️ Safely expand your nervous system capacity to endure difficult emotions.

➡️ Move out of survival mode (chronic fight/flight/freeze) FASTER + with greater EASE with guidance.

➡️ Show up for yourself with consistency to rewire your nervous system for peace and live soft, open, + free.

➡️ Be guided in real time through moments of disstress.

Here's what you get when you join the NOURISH Membership PLUS Coaching...

-Weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls on Zoom or in Person

-Session Recap Emails

-Text Support

-Private Community

-Growing Somatic Nervous System Healing Resource Hub

-Monthly Release + Restore Class (Somatic Stress Release) Included

-Monthly Workshops Included

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